100 Things to learn about photography

1.  Expensive camera doesn’t makes you that a good photographer, just like good pens don’t create good authors.
2.  Always shoot in RAW.
3.  Prime lenses help you learn to compose better photographs.
4.  Photo editing is an art, you have to practice it to master it.
5.  The rule of thirds works almost every time.
6.  Macro photography takes lots of patience, it is not for everybody’s cup of tea.
7.  UV filters woks as secondary lens protectors.
8.  Go outside and shoot more pictures rather than reading tutorials and forums.
9.  Capture beauty of the world and you will have a winning photograph every time.
10.  Film isn’t better than digital.
11.  Digital isn’t better than film.
12.  There is no “magic” camera or lens which can create magical pictures itself.
13.  Better lenses doesn’t makes better pictures.
14.  Inspire from other people’s work but also shoot more on your own.
15.  Don’t take your DSLR to parties. It’s a trap.
16.  Girls dig photographers. LOL
17.  Every B/W photograph is not “artsy”.
18.  It is processed in “Digital Darkroom” and not “Photoshopped”
19.  Always underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop while shooting in broad daylight.
20.  Have a proper 2-3 Backups of your data. Better safe than never.
21.  Ditch the stiff neck straps and get a good hand strap or should straps.
22.  Get closer or get far from your object to get another good composition.
23.  Be a part of the scene while taking a photo; and not a voyeur.
24.  Capturing a photo crouched often make your pictures look more interesting.
25.  Less technical, more composition.
26.  Tape up any logos on your camera with black gaffer’s tape- it brings a lot less attention to you.
27.  You don’t need to take a picture of everything around.
28.  The more photos you take, the better you get.
29.  Never afraid to take numerous photos of the same scene at different angles, exposures, or apertures.
30.  Only showcase your best photos in your portfolio.
31.  A point-and-shoot is still a camera. Even your mobile camera is a best camera.
32.  Join online photography forums and courses, read blogs.
33.  Critique the works of others.
34.  Think before you shoot. Do not shoot anything or everything.
35.  A good photo shouldn’t require explanation.
36.  Alcohol and photography do not mix well. And it does not create abstracts too.
37.  Draw inspiration from other photographers but never worship them.
38.  Grain is beautiful. In some cases.
39.  Get a good bag from which you can switch your lenses and gears easily.
40.  The key is simplicity.
41.  Photography definition is: “painting with light.”
42.  Always make your own unique style in photography.
43.  The best thing ever for photo processing is having a second monitor.
44.  Silver EFEX pro is the best B/W converter.
45.  Carry your camera with you everywhere.
46.  Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life.
47.  Take straight photos.
48.  Your camera is not to be pampered. Use and abuse it.
49.  Shoot with confidence.
50.  Photography and juxtaposition are best friends.
51.  Print out your photos. It will make you very happy.
52.  Give your photos to friends.
53.  Give them to strangers also. They’ll remember you always.
54.  Don’t forget to frame them.
55.  Costco prints are cheap and look great.
56.  Go out and click picture(s) with (a) friend(s).
57.  Join a photo club.
58.  Photos are best presents.
59.  Taking photos of strangers is thrilling, and also dangerous sometimes.
60.  Candid>Posed.
61.  Natural light is the best light.
62.  35mm (on full frame) is the best focal length to work.
63.  Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.
64.  There’s no need to carry a tripod everywhere you go.
65.  It’s always better to underexpose than overexpose.
66.  Shooting photos of homeless people is not “artsy” overtime.
67.  You will find the best photo opportunities if you find them.
68.  Photos are always more interesting with the human element included.
69.  A bad image is a bad image you can’t Photoshop it into a good image.
70.  Nowadays everybody is a photographer. Including me.
71.  You don’t need to fly to Paris or Miami to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are around you.
72.  People with DSLRS who shoot portraits with their grip pointed downwards look like morons.
73.  Cameras as tools, not toys.
74.  Photography and painting are not much different.
75.  Photography is not a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
76.  Make photos, not excuses.
77.  Don’t try to copy the style of others. Be Unique.
78.  The best photographs tell stories.
79.  Black cameras and white lens draws too much attention.
80.  The more gear you carry around, the lesser you enjoy photography.
81.  Self-portraits are harder to make.
82.  When shooting portraits tell people that “they are beautiful”, It’ll make them laugh our naturally.
83.  Don’t look suspicious when taking photos.
84.  Experiment with various photo techniques.
85.  Have fun while taking photos.
86.  Never delete any of your photos. It’ll help you to track your progress after years.
87.  Be respectful while taking photos of people or places.
88.  Always carry minimal equipments for street photography.
89.  Photography and travelling are a perfect pair.
90.  Learn histogram.
91.  A noise is better than blur.
92.  Don’t be afraid to take photos in the rain. Take care of your gears.
93.  Rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it, learn to enjoy every moment.
94.  Never take photos with an empty stomach.
95.  You’ll discover a lot about yourself through your photography.
96.  Don’t never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
97.  Never stop taking photos.
98.  Photography is a philosophy of life.
99.  Capture the decisive moment
100.  Write your own list.

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About the Author:
Maulik Patel is a self-taught photographer by passion and profession, Loves food,dogs and creative people.

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