Boost your photography with 365 Days Project

365 Project itself takes too much dedication and effort! Here I am sharing with you some interesting tips that I had tried, for giving a boost to my photography in 365 days.


> What is a 365 Project?

There are various different 365 projects, but they all have one thing in common: To capture at least one picture every single day, for an entire year. Some photographers start 365 projects on January 1st, but one can begin it at any time of the year, given that you stay committed to your goal. Many photographers also take that idea a step ahead, by capturing and posting, at least one picture per day for a complete year.

A 365 project is a significant commitment that will make a lasting impression in your photography. Though the idea of everyday photography sounds deviously simple, such a project pushes your inner abilities and help you expand your perfection levels.


>Why Do a 365 Project?

The commitment to daily photography is the most significant part of a 365 project. You need to be using your camera often, when you truly want to push yourself towards improving your photography. Accepting the challenge of using your camera daily will help make photography a commitment & even a habit for you.

Everyday photography pushes you out of your comfort zone & to experiment with different styles of photography. If you love shooting portraits of people, you will have to search for new ways and places for finding willing subjects. If you are shooting macro (close-up) shots of insects, you will have to deal with changing seasons and rainy days. You will definitely learn new and amazing styles to shoot, whichever type of photography you do. You may also find yourself in situations when you’ll need to simply find something to capture. And these desperate times will led to your most productive ideas, styles & images.


>Tackling a 365 Project

I believe there could be no better way to keep yourself attached with your camera and improve your styles of photography, so I would highly cheer you to try a 365 project. Although a 365 project is a huge commitment, I would share some steps you can take to keep yourself sane and motivated along your way.


  • Select a theme or try a challenge.
  • Plan for photography: Keep a scheduled time for every day photography. Consider about the situations and subjects you are interesting in, and plan the strategy for including those during your day. I t may take waking up 15 minutes earlier, or taking a walk during your lunch break, or picking up your camera as soon as you get home in the evening. Or it could be something more like organizing a photography outing to your bucket list locations near or far.
  • Plan for viewing, posting & commenting.
  • Seek out balance: A 365 project is a huge commitment and one that can sometimes be demanding towards friends or family. One thing you should remember is that capturing a photograph everyday doesn’t imply you have to take photographs each moment of the day. You have to balance the two worlds and your pets, children, spouses, & friends will thank you.


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About the Author:
Maulik Patel is a self-taught photographer by passion and profession, Loves food,dogs and creative people.


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