Nov 21

Photoshoot In Udaipur – Prewedding Photography

Daisy met me 4 months before her shoot regarding her shoot and she was very clear about her shoot that she wanted to do shoot in Udaipur in month of November. Himanshu and Daisy were one of the sweetest couple we came across. Shooting them was very effortless,natural and fun.

We shot many couples in Udaipur last year on certain places as different resorts,hotels and royal properties so this time we decided to push it in a different way , We shot morning session at old Ambrai Ghat and then we shot on streets and markets of Udaipur. For evening session we chose Badi Lake peak point where amazing sunset creates nice canvas like backdrop to us. It was different experience to shoot prewedding in Udaipur.

We used Camera Details :

Sony A7R2


Sigma 35mm Art f1.4

Sigma 20mm Art f1.4

Sony 85mm f1.4

Lights :

Godox AD600B

About the Author:
Maulik Patel is a self-taught photographer by passion and profession, Loves food,dogs and creative people.

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