Dec 12

PhotoShoot In Ladakh

ladakh_AG_24 ladakh_AG_23 ladakh_AG_22 ladakh_AG_21 ladakh_AG_20 ladakh_AG_19 ladakh_AG_18 ladakh_AG_17 ladakh_AG_16 ladakh_AG_15 ladakh_AG_14 ladakh_AG_13 ladakh_AG_12 ladakh_AG_11 ladakh_AG_10 ladakh_AG_09 ladakh_AG_08 ladakh_AG_07 ladakh_AG_06 ladakh_AG_05 ladakh_AG_04 ladakh_AG_03

About the Author:
Maulik Patel is a self-taught photographer by passion and profession, Loves food,dogs and creative people.

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