Nov 21
Photoshoot In Udaipur – Prewedding Photography
Daisy met me 4 months before her shoot regarding her shoot and she was very clear about her shoot that she wanted to do shoot in Udaipur in month of November. Himanshu and Daisy were one of the sweetest couple we came across. Shooting them was very effortless,natural and fun. We shot many couples in Udaipur last year on certain places as different resorts,hotels and royal properties so this time we decided to push it in a different way , We shot morning session at old Ambrai Ghat and then we shot on streets and markets of Udaipur. For evening session we chose Badi Lake peak point where amazing sunset creates nice canvas like backdrop to us. It was different experience to shoot prewedding in Udaipur. We used Camera Details : Sony A7R2 Lenses: Sigma 35mm Art f1.4 Sigma 20mm Art f1.4 Sony 85mm f1.4 Lights : Godox AD600B
Mar 29
Fashion Photoshoot with iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode is at heart an creative effect, so we should possibly be saying that there are no rules, experiment and be creative etc. But there are some rules, really. You need the subject of the photo to be fairly close – the feature itself recommends 2.5 metres or less. The background, by contrast, has to be expressively further away: larger the gap between subject and background, the more pronounced the depth effect will be. If your subject is standing against a wall there will almost no effect at all. Lighting is important, too. We experimented in morning sunlight for Fashion Photography with iPhone portrait & default mode and the results were rather lovely. Shot with Iphone 7+ Edited with Snapseed and Picsart Garments by : @Punikatms    
Feb 21
Written in the Stars : Maulik & Payal
“Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After” Payal and Maulik our passionate couple wanted their wedding to be different than others. Beautiful resort , stay for the guests & pool party fun made it a complete ‘ DESTINATION WEDDING ‘ It was a beautiful fairytale wedding one can ever wish for. They had put their whole heart for each and every detail of the wedding which made it a pristine wedding! Cheers to the team Studio Beunique for creating a miracle which glittered their lives forever!     Photos by : Bhavesh Soni,Tapas Sheth,Ved Dave,Varun Bhatt,Yash Sheth,Darshan Kansara Makeover by : Aanal Savaliya, Simmi Makwana ,Anu Makwana Groom Outfits : Mebaaz,Tailors Point Bride Outfits : Sesons(Mumbai),Asiana Couture (Delhi) Location : Starz Club  
Feb 13
Top 100 clicks of Destination Wedding Photography-Udaipur
Aanoshka and Darshil known as Mirinda (Miri+Darshil) came to me regarding their destination wedding in Udaipur ! In a first meet they agreed to work with us. Mirinda Wedding is the one of the most fun,chill and cute wedding we covered !! Mirinda wedding is beautifully crafted between hills of Aravali in Royal Retreat Udaipur, From pithi to cocktail parties from brunch to after party there was a fun vibe we felt and here is the result of bunch of crazy and happy pictures out there ! P.S. I love their families the most from grandma to friends of couple everyone treated us like a family member. Pictures by : Maulik Patel,Tapas Sheth ,Harsh Patel  
Dec 09
Best Pre wedding Photoshoot in Goa
shyamal & Megha – our enthusiastic couple decided to shoot their perfect phase of life at the most perfect location Goa . Goa has always been optimistic for wedding photographers and Pre-wedding photography in Goa is always awesome due to best places in goa for photo shoot like  sunny beaches, seaside views, catholic churches, old forts and lavish properties .
Oct 17
Photoshoot Of Darshan Raval
Celebrity Photography The multi-talented, Darshan Raval is a singer, music composer, music director and actor. He came into lime light through Honey singh’s TV singing reality show “India’s Raw Star”. Though Darshan won as the first runner up, he was a huge hit among people.
Oct 06
Destination Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Udaipur – Sameer & Ritu
As Sameer and Ritu decided to tie the knot, they planned a beautiful destination pre-wedding photoshoot in Udaipur, at the Royal Retreat Resort. It is flanked by the towering glory of Aravalli Range, with blissfully pleasant and thoughtfully designed spaces. The handicraft gallery delights your artistic sense with the artifacts and antiques. Everything was arranged to perfection as we captured the completely-in-love couple cherishing their pre-wedding moments. It’s one of my favorite shoots with the wonderful fun loving couple and pleasant weather.   Pre-Wedding Photography Location : Royal Retreat Resort , Udaipur Makeup : Twinkle Panchal Styling   : Hardik Gandhi
Aug 29
Pictures Every Bride Should Get Clicked
Your wedding is one of the most cherished moments of your life, and you re-live them again when you see those memorable shots of your big day. So, if you are a bride-to-be, and want your wedding album to look like a million bucks, we have got some amazing bridal photography ideas for you.
Jul 16
Top Photography Mistakes to Avoid
Whenever we start learning something, we all make mistakes. Actually, it’s good to make mistakes because you never forget what you learn from it. But smart people also learn from other’s mistakes and it helps them grow faster in life.
Jun 29
How to find your unique style in photography
It is very important to find, develop and grow your own unique style in photography. Here are a few tips which will help you find it sooner.
Jun 22
Portrait Photography Tips Part – 1
1. Photograph the subject with its native environment. Some people just don’t belong to a studio. And when they feel awkward and it really shows in camera. So instead of driving Grandpa into a Photo Studio, let him go to work in his workshop & photograph him doing what he loves. Instead of tears and tantrums when you try to dress up your child all pretty for studio punishment, let him play with the toys and snap pictures of every moment.
Jun 10
100 Things to learn about photography
1. Expensive camera doesn’t makes you that a good photographer, just like good pens don’t create good authors. 2. Always shoot in RAW. 3. Prime lenses help you learn to compose better photographs.
Jun 10
Boost your photography with 365 Days Project
365 Project itself takes too much dedication and effort! Here I am sharing with you some interesting tips that I had tried, for giving a boost to my photography in 365 days.